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Cycling – An adventure way to explore Chania district.

Crete island and especially Chania region offers several places of rare natural beauty and interest. The combination of sun, sea, mountains, wild rivers, gorges, narrow trails, and the many small Cretan villages; all create this undiscovered sports paradise in the Southern part of Europe and they wait to be explored. So, if you are adorer of the adventure and the outdoor activities we offer you the opportunity to enjoy all these amazing places of wild nature at Chania through our specially designed bike tour packages.

The weather in Chania is ideal for cycling & trekking as the temperatures during the summer season are between 25 and 33 degrees Celsius. The intense heat is eased by the breeze of the Meltemi; a light refreshing north wind which makes the ride more enjoyable. During the autumn and the spring period the temperatures are more than ideal for cycling and trekking. In winter there are also plenty of sunshine days and the rains are limited with temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Giannoulis Hotels and Resorts in co-operation with 'Sports Tours Hellas', present two (2) cycling stations within the hotels; the first one is based at our Cavo Spada Luxury Resort & Spa and the second one is based at our Santa Marina Beach Hotel. In this way, we are offering to all of our guests the opportunity to discover the amazing wild Cretan Nature with a bike.

'Sports Tours Hellas' is a company created from ex. Riders and coaches and its staff has a great love for outdoor sport activities and especially cycling. After a long experience of 30 years and presentation in the International Sports Cycling Scene, our cooperators are capable of providing a high level of services focusing on safety and with an overall respect for the environment.

At our daily available Cycling Programs, the routes are combined with rides beside the sea and among the mountains. You can also choose a program combined by cycling and trekking in amazing landscapes such as Mesaulia Gorge and many other additional choices are available to select. All available routes are differentiated and offer uniqueness in order to carter all tastes and meet the needs of all ages.


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