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The Diving Challenge

The diving experience in the crystal clear waters of Chania is really unique and we challenge everyone to try it out.
Giannoulis Hotels and Resorts in co-operation with the Blue Adventures Diving, offer this unique experience with a total respect to the environment and a focus to the safety of our guests.
Scuba diving is gaining daily more and more friends because, along with the strong excitement and entertainment it offers, it also brings to divers the added dimension to explore the undersea world of treasures and feel the acquaintance with the sea and the underwater life which is always an unforgettable experience.
At Giannoulis Hotels and Resorts anyone has this chance to live out that thrilling experience through unique submarine explorations in the marine area of Chania. 


Someone can choose Chania for diving for several reasons.
There is a smooth variation in depths which is suitable for the diving challenge of the new visitors of the underwater world, same time that experienced divers will be delighted by the safe and clear waters which are full of life. It is an ideal destination for those who want to be trained in diving, but also for those who want to enjoy the depth.
The very interesting bottom composition is a result of the many volcanic formations from the past, the clear water with visibility of up to 30 metres, mild weather and high temperatures all provide the ideal environment, to experience the dive sites safely.
The sea temperature from May to November ranges from 21 to 28 degrees of Celsius, making the water accessible all the time. 
The offer of the dive sites are of particular interest.
Eastward from the harbor of Chania, about 4 nautical miles away, there is a beautiful rocky area with clear blue water and visibility of up to 30 meters called Agios Onoufrios. In this area we offer many different types of dives, the best of which include a variety of cave and cavern diving. Divers can admire a colorful environment, including the unique pink coral as they explore the many interesting passageways and chambers which make these sites some of the most popular dives around the Chania area. The depth of the caverns, range from 9 meters to 21 metres. Wall diving, deep diving, night diving, multi level diving and drift diving are also available.

Cave and Cavern Diving are our most exciting dives and we offer these dives to Open Water Divers. Cavern exploration will give the diver the most incredible light show, as the sunlight pierces through water, like laser beams. Don’t miss out on the experience of the incredible images of an underground world filled with stalactites and stalagmites

The PADI Five Stars instructor Development Centre (IDC) certification, and the twenty years of experience in diving offered by the collaborating Blue Adventures Diving is a guarantee for safe and full of pleasure dives.

Come and experience a new and distinct diving destination - Chania.

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